7/17/10 Growth Chart - Petitchi > Hitodetchi

7:00 PM - Hatch a new egg. I didn't reset the game, so hopefully I'll still be able to keep the items from Mame.

A girl was hatched. I named her "Rika". 因為我剛複習了一遍東京愛情故事, 所以就用女主角的名字"莉香"囉!

The girl evolved to Hitodetchi (star) later this evening.


7/18/10 Growth Chart - Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Ringotchi

Rika didn't catch any visitors today, because I neglected her as usual on the weekend.

I played a little game with her and fed her today. Not much training.

evening - Rika beeped for attention. I clicked on a button and she went to the bathroom to take a bath.

later in the evening - Rika evolved into Ringotchi.


7/19/10 Growth Chart - Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Ringotchi

9:30 AM - The music school teacher visited and gave Rika a piano (wow!). I noticed that Rika couldn't use the AWAY function until  the teacher visited.

morning - Rika met her two band member, Nonopotchi (Toby) and Kikitchi (Louis) at the music school. They practiced by playing the music notes game several times.

morning - I noticed that Rika was practicing the piano by herself, but the expressions on her face looked unhappy. After I praised her, she looked  happy again. So I guess when they begin practicing instruments by theirselves, we have to praise them in time. Otherwise, they will get bored and unhappy.

10:30 AM - Nazori came to announce Gotchi King's arrival. The king left 2000 points as a gift to Rika.

12:30 PM - Nazori delivered a letter with a heart in it.

1:30 PM - Nazori delivered a letter with a star in it.

1:30 PM - Rika went to the shop to buy some bread, a cup of smoothies, and a wig.

I noticed that even at teen age, Rika can still eat baby food to fill the hungry hearts. But I think it fills at most 2 hungry hearts.

2:30 PM - Nazori visited to announce Gotchi King's arrival. The king gave Rika a cupcake as a gift.

3:30 PM - Nazori visited to announce Gotchi King's arrival again. The king gave Rika an omlette this time

3:33 PM - Rika ate the omelette (filled 2 hungry hearts) and two breads as an early dinner.

I forgot to mention that Rika had "Hip Hop" as her music style.

evening - I neglected Rika as usual.


7/20/10 Growth Chart - Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Ringotchi > Sabiretchi

morning - Rika turned into a Sabiretchi.

morning - Rika went to the music studio and met her two band members. The band members grew up to Kuchipatchi (Toby) and ShimaShimatchi (Louis). They attended an audition right after meeting but failed (O-O-X).

morning - Rika practiced with the band several more times and I adjusted the time to 2:14 PM to wait for another audition. They passed it! Their tama ranking raised from 999th to 100th to 98th to 74th and kept going up. Current read of the number of tama fans are 11,241,066.

1:30 PM - Nozari visited to announce Gotchi King's arrival. Gotchi King gave Rika a bowl of noodles as a gift.

afternoon - I changed the time to the concert time several time. The star ranking advanced a lot after the concert.

5:06 PM - Star Ranking: 7th. Tama Fans: 55,126,187. 



7/21/10 Growth Chart - Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Ringotchi > Sabiretchi

morning - star ranking: 10th, tama fans: 99,835,897

9:30 AM - band manager (guitar) came to deliver 200000 points to Rika for the concerts yesterday.

9:34 AM - Rika bought a Spot Costume (a bear with spotty ears and hands) and dressed it up. Now Rika is a spotty bear.

10:30 AM - Nazori visited to announce Gotchi King's arrival. The king left a pot of plant as a gift. Rika took out the plant and it grew up to the sky, when it came back from the sky, it blossomed with a sun flower. 

11:25 AM - Adjusted the time to 5:14 PM to have a concert. Instead of outdoor, the concert was held in a stadium with stage and curtains. The star ranking remained the same as the one before the concert (9th) after their performance.

11:30 AM - Nazori visited to announce Gotchi King's arrival. The king gave a sushi roll as a gift to Rika.

afternoon - Rika remained at 4th place in star ranking.

7:00 PM - Rika's Lovely band performed at a performance center and saw a lot more crowds after the performance.

evening - Rika's star ranking went up to the 1st place! Their tama fans are over 300,000,000.


7/22/10 Growth Chart - Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Ringotchi > Sabiretchi

Rika turned 5 today. I will find her a hubby today.

morning - Rika changed back to her normal look. The spotty bear custome was off.

9:30 AM - Band manager Mr. Guitar delivered 10,000,000 to Rika as the concert income! 

morning - Rika remained 1st place in the star ranking. Her tama fans are 415,813,087.

10:00 AM - After playing a lot of games these days, Rika's Original skill point has reached 999. Tone: 805 and Rhythm: 821.

10:57 AM - Rika tried the skirt that she bought from the shop earlier in the morning. She looked a little shy in the pretty skirt.

morning - Adjusted the time to 6:14 PM to wait for the call for a concert. The band played on an outdoor stage. After the performance, there are a lot of fans showing on the seats. Then the fireworks came and the band got their 1st place award

1:30 PM - Nazori visited to announce Gotchi King's arrival. The king gave Rika a chest as a gift. Rika opened the chest, and some smoke came out. After the smoke went away, there was a piece of chicken drum stick (a meal item) showing.

2:30 PM - Nazori delivered a letter with a poo in it. :(

3:30 PM - Nazori visited to announce Gotchi King's arrival. The king left a pot of plant as a gift to Rika.

4:15 PM - Rika took drum stick (filled 2 hungry hearts), corn, scone for dinner.

4:17 PM - Rika visited the shop after dinner. She bought a makeup set, a toothbrush set, a heart chocolate, and a slice of pizza. She used the makeup set after going home (it required the mirror to be in her stash, which she got several days ago). The mirror is a reusable item, but the makeup set is not.

4:30 PM -  Nazori visited to announce Gotchi King's arrival. The king gave a bottle of hair gel to Rika.

I wonder if Rika will be able to get married today or not, since I haven't seen the matchmaker coming to visit so far.

5:00 PM - Rika's Lovely band had an evening concert.

evening - I went to Kinokuniya at Costa Mesa to pick the game strategy book for the "Takara Life Candy" electronic pet. I praised Rika several time on the way when she practiced the instrument by herself. I didn't feed her anything though.

late evening around 10:00 PM - Rika left me a Bye-Bye letter and went back to the Tama Planet.  Oh No~~~

Her final status: 5 yr, 27 lb, 0 hungry heart filled, 0 happy heart filled, stress level: 00, Tone skill point 935, Rhythm skill point 951, original skill point 999 and Classical music style.


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